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Strategic Change Leadership
Translate the best leadership theories and practices into action strategies
Successfully mobilize the extraordinary talents within the business
Strengthen personal leadership skills and abilities in an ever- changing society
Gain insight on solutions to the newest in leadership challenges
Execute change strategies with skill and success
Create an organization that understands change
Embrace change it and make it work to maximum advantage

Design a High Performance Organization
Experience the latest concepts in systems thinking and performance management
Harness the power of your organization
Utilize practical tools that align your key managers and employees around your strategy
Connect your employee1s behavior directly to customer loyalty
Accurately predict the impact of your actions on bottom line business results
Determine which actions produce the best business results
Accurately and consistently assess the effectiveness and impact of cross-functional working relationships

Lead With A Passion
Study why leaders are often isolated at the top
Participate in a small group development experience to unleash your leadership potential
Develop a clearer sense of purpose, and ignite your inner passion for life
Connect your unique gifts and passion to your leadership mission
Understand how you undermine your leadership by identifying your leadership shadow
Create a customized leadership and life development plan

A Passion for Life: Three Day Retreat
Take a journey on a richly empowered path of self discovery
Reinvigorate your passion for your life and career
Enjoy a full experience to harness the power of your life1s calling
Use new tools to make you a more effective professional
Create a plan to reach a well-balanced and prosperous livelihood
Find pathways to overcome your obstacles and road-block to living with passion
Reinvent yourself in a dramatically changing world
Identify your unique gifts and talents

Supervisory Programs

Hospitality Leadership for Restaurant Managers and Supervisors
Understand the five basic characteristics of successful leaders
Develop a plan to embrace leadership concepts
Experience exercises that enhance communications skills
Learn strategies that have an instant effect on positive bottom line results
Fulfill audacious personal and personal goals
Optimize the productivity of your people; generate loyalty
Discover your strength and weakness; then focus on your strengths

The Battle for Talent: How to Hire a Superstar
Define the ideal profile for candidates that meet your needs
Create effective interview strategies and techniques
Source candidates: internet recruiting, advertising, executive search firms
Pros and cons of psychological testing, background checks, drug testing
Use proven and effective reference checking
Understand how the candidate evaluates you
Orientation and beyond: the keys to retraining your superstar(s)

Love Them or Lose Them
Discover the top reasons why good people leave
Learn how to keep your grass greener
Create a motivating environment that keeps good staff from leaving
Generate an atmosphere of success and learn techniques to get you there
Train for the next step, and understand the value of follow-up
Exercise effective performance appraisals
Walk the talk; nurture your attributes and realize the effect you have
Outside the box: use ideas to make it fun, rewarding, and challenging

Diversity and Teambuilding for Management Success
Learn how to plan and conduct bias-free and effective interviews
Mentor individuals who are different from the dominant organizational norm
Succeed by providing the right personal and professional support
Realize the difference of perception verses reality
Sensitize your staff to realize the different needs of cross-cultural employees
Engage in accountability, an in-depth study of the legal aspects of diversity
Take the fear out of communicating with coworkers of cultural differences
Understand, value and leverage the differences among your team members; teamwork

Service Staff

Waiting On America... A Passion to Serve - for food servers
Become more than a server; become a business person
Learn why guests fail to return and how it effects you directly
Accept and practice the Standards of Service given to you
Acquire additional skills that work for you and your business
Experience exercises that allow servers to become better communicators
Server focus to become part of the solution, not the problem
Use a proven method that will ensure sales and income to rise

Service Excellence: Win Win Opportunities - any department / entire store
What do we all have in common and why you should care
Why do guests fail to return and how it effects you directly
Eliminate stinking thinking from your work environment
Experience the benefits of an excellent attitude
What effect do you have on the bottom-line, and your contribution
Teamwork is more than a concept; experience it like never before
Engage in exercises that generate profound results

Inclusion Includes You! Why Diversity Works - any department / entire store
Define exactly what diversity is
Examine how diversity affects the employee
Examine how the lack of diversity affects the company
Steps that will help everyone profit from a diverse vision
The role your personal beliefs play in your acceptance of diversity
Learn to embrace cultural differences and communicate in ways that build trust
Learn to avoid common pitfalls in building a diverse workplace

Upselling Program - food servers, bussers, cocktail, bartenders, host-ess
Understand the five fundamentals of selling
Overcome the fear to sell; learn why most sales people fail
Prepare a daily game plan that allows you to exercise your new skills
Be more than a salesperson; be a friend, and enjoy the benefits
Recognize the pitfalls of the hard sell, and how to avoid it
Realize the effect your attitude has on your check average
Discover innovative ways to increase your check averages with little effort

Additional Service

Service Skills Manual: Customized Approach To Daily Service Training
A complete 28-day cycle of information is used to educate your staff daily. Staff will receive interesting information to help boost morale, sales and watch costs, while providing them with useful information.

Shopping Report: Mystery Progress Reports
The most comprehensive mystery report in the business. Read well-written, organized, and easy to read reports of your business from an unbiased, yet highly experienced and trained professional. Reports are delivered within a 48-hr period after being shopped (excluding Sunday1s).

Train the Trainer: Effective Techniques To Train & Retain Employees
A dynamic workshop that provides each trainer a better understanding of their role, effective ways to approach their trainees, and tools that assist to deliver powerful and effective training.

Alcohol Awareness: Preventive Maintenance
Protect your business with an informed and enthusiastic service staff. Each participant is given an extensive course filled with information, exercises, and role playing to ensure appropriate retention.

Sanitation: Habitual Practices Made Easy
Imagine a kitchen where everyone actually cared about its cleanliness. The purpose of this workshop is to provide your staff with general guidelines of sanitation. Importantly, trainees are given easy-to-remember techniques to apply daily. Cleanliness becomes a habit, not a chore.

Lecture/Keynote: Thought Provoking Topics to Choose From
Invite one of our dynamic speakers/advisors to provide your group with a message that humor, captivate, and inspire them in the future. We have a variety of topics to choose from.

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