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Effective Consulting

Allow a fresh set of experienced eyes to review and analyze your business model. Mario Ponce, Owner/Principal, has brought together a group of proven professionals prepared with an arsenal of useful materials and techniques to complement your objectives.

In just a few short hours we'll be able to provide you with ideas to resolve issues that may be preventing the business from reaching its goals. We handle each analysis with a personal touch that extends well beyond our initial consultation.

Recruitment &
Executive Research

Effective approach to attract the best talent in your marketplace.

Ninety-day guarantee to ensure the right fit.

Consistent communication to keep you in touch with the progress.

Competitive fees to meet your budget needs.

Proven experience staff to provide you with optimum service.

Here's a Look At the Process:

Review business plan, assess job requirements. Evolve Job Description & Person Specification.

Identify performers in the particular industry subsection and discretely invite them to apply (networking).

Prepare advertising artwork and place ads in regional newspapers and other relevant industry publications.

Screen resumes, create applicant database, schedule 1st interviews (1 hour each), prepare reject letters.

Conduct first interviews, evaluate, prepare and send reject letters (second round).

Conduct reference checking (three hours per applicant) prepare transcripts for the client.

Conduct aptitude testing (1 hour each).

Conduct 2nd interviews (90 minutes each), prepare and send reject letters (fourth round).

Forward short listed applicants to client, together with resumes, reference checking transcripts, aptitude test results and previous interview notes.

Prepare and send reject letters (final round).

Peak Performance

Reduce Your Risk on People

Comprehensive assessment of a persons talent, focus and energy

Review the competencies that effect your business environment

Integrate your vision and goals with your strategy

Determine competencies are most important in selection, development, succession planning and performance management

Use tools to upgrade your talent pool

Performance services include:

Executive Assessment

Management Selection Assessment

Performance Evaluations

Leadership Development

Development Resources

Hourly Selection Assessment

Hourly Security Assessment

Mystery Shopping

Discover What May Be Unknown

Easy-to-read comprehensive evaluation of your service levels

The finest mystery shoppers in the marketplace (guaranteed)

Determine customer satisfaction and improve perceived levels of service

A customer's view of your business will help you increase profit

Report competitive strengths and weaknesses

Confirm the integrity of employees, company procedures and internal controls

Supports an incentive program that will boost employee productivity & loyalty

Identifies problems whether large or small

Targets your limited training resources

Over ten (10) years of proven experience and solid client list

Sell Your

Proven hotel and restaurant operations experience involved in the value process

We use a variety of value formulas to determine the best possible price

We match your business with qualified buyers

Global reach of prospective buyers

Side-by-side approach through the sales process


Mario Ponce
Cell (312) 919-0929


Business Plan(s)
We can guide you from your vision, through operations, accounting, purchasing, marketing, human resources, and the many facets of running a successful food/beverage business.

Concept Development
Global and national experience to guide you through a comprehensive method to determine the best design and development.

Operations Manuals
Proven Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) can be tailored to meet your desired outcome.

Operational Audits/Analysis
We'll discover your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities expeditiously to maximize our involvement.

Feasibility Studies
We gather information necessary to make informed decisions about locations.

Name & Graphics
We work with energetic, ambitious, and creative talent in order to deliver a recognizable brand identity.

Marketing Programs
We'll create and drive a usable and effective Marketing Plan to reach your sales and financial your set forth.

Site Selection Analysis
Locate the best possible site for your concept and expansion use Control Systems and Techniques. The system is the solution for consistency and subsequent growth. We have proven tools that can make this a reality.

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